Sunday, 22 May 2016

Revisiting Research .

I have enjoyed looking through my research notes from which I hope to continue my study of rehabilitation during the mid to late nineteenth century. My main research focuses on a female patient incarcerated in West Riding Asylum with symptoms of epilepsy and insanity. Mary dealt with her fate in an emotional but practical manner using her artistic flare for embroidery to engage us in her plight. Her samplers are biographical and historical pieces which represent a period when mental health was only just beginning to be understood. Occupational therapies such as gardening, weaving, painting were used to develop patients well being and rehabilitation.I have found in my own work embroidery has helped center my thoughts. Difficulties seem to fade and my artistry takes over. I believe the repetition of stitch soothes the mind and helps us escape from our conscious every day thoughts.  

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